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Our third interview comes from the great Greece. A few weeks ago I was looking for music to listen and I found this great rock band called Madleaf. I listened their music for a few hours… Yes, I killed the repeat button!^^ And now I have the pleasure to share with all of you this interview. Enjoy it!

ZEPHYR: Hi guys!!! Greetings from Puerto Rico. Thanks Dorian for this opportunity!! It’s an honor to interview a band from the ancient and beautiful city of Athens.

DORIAN: Hello sweetheart! It’s an honor too!

ZEPHYR: Give our readers a brief history of Madleaf and what inspired you to make music together.

DORIAN: Well it all started when I met Jim in this tattoo studio he was working. He asked me if I was playing in any band and I said no. Then it all started. They already were together as a band so I was the last member to join in. Then the name of the band came. Then the songs came. The first song we ever played I remember was “Feed Me”! Then live shows came! And I remember the first was in a local pub that was packed! Of course I was shitting myself from back then…

We had enough songs to record an album so we did it and “Sinners” came out of Poison Tree Records, a USA/California based label.

The same year “Sinners” was out we made a video of the same song. The video was shot in a club called The Ghost House, a really awesome club in the center of Athens. More live shows followed after that. In 2010 we changed the members Jim and George and a new powerful singer Achilles and a really strong drummer Tsaga came in to join the band. And, here we are now interviewed by Ady!

ZEPHYR: Who are the members of Madleaf?

DORIAN: The members are Achilles – singer, Nick – guitar, Dorian – bass and Tsaga – drums. Achilles and Tsaga are the newcomers in the band.

ZEPHYR: What does the band’s name mean?

DORIAN: It’s a leaf we saw falling from an old oak tree back then when we started the band. We were searching for a name at the moment and that was it! At first I didn’t like it at all! I wanted a more heavy metal name, you know, but after a while it sat well in me.

ZEPHYR: How would you describe your musical style?

DORIAN: I would say the term “sensual rock”! I think that categorizing is something you cannot escape. If it’s rock it’s rock. I don’t know, music for me is an emotional thing and it really does make me happy or sad which I like more. It’s not a tool for me to get fame or see my face in the papers or anything like that. It’s about the fact that I really do enjoy it.

ZEPHYR: Who writes the songs and what are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

DORIAN: Most of the times Nick writes the music and I write the lyrics. There all about women so there’s not a lot to talk about! I’m kidding! I like writing about relationships and “burning fires” because there are endless things to write about them. Emotions are infinite and ¨rain¨ comes and goes in every relationship. I don’t like writing about wars, politics and stuff, I think this is a job for politicians to do, not me. I write for matters of the heart.

ZEPHYR: Do you have a record label?

DORIAN: Well, it was great feeling to get a record contract, especially from an American company. I still remember when they emailed from the record company and asked if we wanted to sign to them. After that I went to our rehearsal place and I thought that I won’t tell the guys yet and that we would play and drink some beer first and after that I would tell them! But the guys guessed that something had happened because I smiled so much! This USA record contract is fresh in my memory. But still there is lot of things to see and do.

ZEPHYR: What have you released?

DORIAN: We’ve released our first album called “Sinners” in late 2009 and we were heading to the studio for the second album late 2011. We would already have the second out but with the departure of Jim and George, the previous members, we wanted a bit of time to find new members and get ourselves together. It’s always hard when people leave. We have eight or nine songs that we’re working on at the particular moment. It’ll be out soon.

ZEPHYR: Are you touring or playing any shows?

DORIAN: Yeap, we’re playing gigs every couple of weeks but we’ve never toured outside Greece. We were about to leave for a US tour last year but things went somehow not good with our manager at the time so it didn’t happen. Well, shit happens! It’s a musician’s life!

ZEPHYR: Would you like to play in America?

DORIAN: I think a US tour would be a dream come true for every musician.

ZEPHYR: How can our readers find out more about Madleaf and gain access to your music? Do you have an official website?

DORIAN: We had our website up until a couple of months. We are rebuilding it and it’s down for the time. It’ll be up soon. Until then you can find out and have access to our music from our MySpace, Facebook, Reverbnation and Twitter sites, where you can buy the physical album or download it via iTunes.

ZEPHYR: Anything else that you would like to share?

DORIAN: Thank you all for your patience sweethearts!

Please send my love to everybody, hope we meet someday!

Ten un día maravilloso!!!

ZEPHYR: Gracias Dorian, igual para ti!! After listened and like your music I have to say that I gain a new friend.^^






3 responses

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  2. Joel

    Ellos me recuerdan al viejo Pearl Jam y Bush…esa linea de Alternative, Grunge, Hard Rock…. ya no se ve mucho

    June 22, 2011 at 12:43 am

  3. Yo tambien pense lo mismo pero de Pearl Jam!! A mi me gusta la musica asi y ya casi no salen bandas como estas 🙂

    June 22, 2011 at 2:42 am

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