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Known for his spectacular sweeping technique, Franck Hermanny is the bassist from the french metal band Adagio and various fusion bands, and today he is our special guest in Zephyr’s Interviews.

ZEPHYR: Hi Franck!! Thanks for letting me share with you a few questions for my project. It’s a great honor for me. How old were you when you first started playing bass?

FRANCK: Hi, my father bought me my first bass for my 17th birthday…

ZEPHYR: Did you come from a musical family?

FRANCK: Well, not a professional one. But my father used to play piano, and both my parents were part of a semi professional classical choir. Of course, I used to take violin & musical lessons at french conservatory of music at the age of 6.

ZEPHYR: Who are some of your favorite bassists?

FRANCK: First one were Harris of Maiden, Burton of Metallica, Ellefson of Megadeth. But I quickly moved to fusion music, and Alain Caron, Stu Hamm and Victor Wooten became my heroes.

ZEPHYR: How has your style as a bassist evolved over the years?

FRANCK: I’m more into groovy stuff right now… of course, in Adagio in play the “straight” metal bass player, but my playing is really into funk jazz /latin /stuff… I dig it!

ZEPHYR: How did you become a part of Adagio?

FRANCK: I met Stephan during metal parties at night in Montpellier, cos’ he was from there, and I was only 30 km from this city, had a girlfriend there at that time… so… We became friends and he asked me to join his “project”, we didn’t have a name yet.

ZEPHYR: How does the songwriting process work in Adagio?

FRANCK: In the beginning, Stephan did all the demos, but we are now more into the process of bringing personnal stuff to his main ideas.

ZEPHYR: Do you have a favorite Adagio song to play live?

FRANCK: A few: Undead, The Fifth Ankh, Second Sight, From My Sleep to Someone Else.

ZEPHYR: What have been some of your favorite moments on stage?

FRANCK: A lot; first show in Tunisia was great. Japan was amazing too… too many to name them actually!

ZEPHYR: Do you have a warm-up routine before going on stage?

FRANCK: I should, but I don’t. LOL. I aways tell my students: do this, do that… but I only move my fingers before a show, eventually put my hands under warm water.

ZEPHYR: Talk about your gear: basses, amps, effects, etc.

FRANCK: Well, I feel lucky to be part of the Ibanez family for a year now. I began playing bass on Ibanez, so becoming an endorser 20 years after is a dream becoming true for me… honestly! I’m endorsing amazing MarkBass amps… there are the best in the whole world and MB family are just great guys… fell really lucky too. Elixir strings and a few line6 equipments are part of my gear now too.

ZEPHYR: The human ear is often drawn to melodies in the higher register. How did you work to keep the listener’s attention with bass parts?

FRANCK: It’s a cliché. lol…of course, metal is really into guitars, double bass drum and high pitched vocals…so of course, bass is a little,forgotten!! In jazz or funk music it s the total opposite: bass is the “leading” stuff, guitar is really …. not important !! LOL I try to do interesting stuff, but basically in the end, separate instruments parts are not important…. the whole stuff is!!

ZEPHYR: It seems you are a natural born teacher. Tell me about your instructional DVD “Bass Licks”. Will you be putting out any more videos?

FRANCK: You mean of this dvd?? No, I feel I put enough videos to promote it on the net! But sales are ok, people seem to be interested so far!! it’s cool! Concerning a NEW dvd?? Well, yes I’m planning a bass & drums cohesion dvd soon…. stay tuned!

ZEPHYR: New projects for you?

FRANCK: Yes, my own project, without being a solo album (focused on bass) called: Dislocated Collarbone, is a power trio, instrumental fusion progressive- oriented… and I’m planning on a few series of videos about the Ibanez basses I use… in the kind of the Ashula hybrid bass( fretted/fretless) I just released for Ibanez :


I’d be glad you’d visit this video. Ibanez will produce more of those kind of instruments if views are important!!!

ZEPHYR: What advice would you give to musicians and up coming ones?

FRANCK: Be yourself, FIND YOUR OWN STYLE… copying is cool, but wouldn’t be any help in your future carreer!

ZEPHYR: How can fans gain access to your music? Do you have a website?

FRANCK: Of course… I’m planning on a “real website”, but you can access my own work trough YouTube www.youtube.com/franckbass Myspace, Facebook, etc… and of course, Adagio’s platforms (YouTube, Myspace, official site: www.adagio-online.com

ZEPHYR: Franck for me has been a pleasure doing this interview. Thank you!! I wish you success in your life and work.

FRANCK: Thanx for this interview Ady! Stay metal!! Cheers!!!


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