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Dynazty is a hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in late 2007 and consisted of Nils Molin (vocals), Rob Love Magnusson (guitar), George Egg (drums) and Joel Fox Apelgren (bass). Their music sounds great!! Most of their riffs are oriented to 80’s Hard Rock, which is very unusual now a day, but with equal strength and taste back in old school; like time never pass through them. KNOCK YOU DOWN is their most recent album and to know more about it and Dynazty per se, I had the opportunity to share some questions with their bassist, Joel Fox.

ZEPHYR: Hi Joel!! Hails from Puerto Rico. It’s an honor to interview your band for my project: Zephyr’s Interviews.

JOEL: Thanks a lot!

ZEPHYR: I’m impressed with the success of Dynazty. When we read words like “the band has performed in the Swedish TV-show Melodifestivalen for 3.7 million viewers!!”, we think: WOW!! That’s a lot of people, and I have to ask you: What is the key of Dynazty’s success?

JOEL: I think the key to our success is determination. From day 1 we decided that Dynazty is not going to be a side project or hobby, it’s going to be our lives! Combine that with our talent, extreme love for music and performance and you have a winning concept!

ZEPHYR: What inspired you to make music together?

JOEL: The first time we played together we realized that we had our own sound & style. And everything sounded EXTREMELY good, even though it was our first time playing together. We just felt; “We HAVE to do something with this!”. Playing had never been this much fun.

ZEPHYR: What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

JOEL: People always want to put very narrow labels on music, but I don’t feel it’s necessary with our music. I just call it Melodic Party Metal. 🙂

ZEPHYR: What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

JOEL: Usually we write about things in our everyday lives, which means we mostly write about girls and partying. However, we write a lot of lyrics about going your own way, not caring for what others might think, and some more angry lyrics about people who think they are something they’re not.

ZEPHYR: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

JOEL: I feel that we are still on the same direction as when we started playing as a band, but I think that the sound is getting more and more modern, as well as the songwriting.

ZEPHYR: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

JOEL: The biggest challenge we faced so far is the knowledge of how hard it is to make it in this business. Sometimes you think that it’s impossible to climb higher, but we all share such a strong passion for music, and we really believe in what we do, so we keep fighting!

ZEPHYR: Tell us about your last album: “Knock You Down”.

JOEL: Knock You Down is to me a perfect and natural follow-up to our debut album Bring The Thunder. The same idea and feeling is there, but the songs are more powerful and the sound is even better. Writing your first album is a very special thing, and it is harder to visualize the result. For this album we were more focused on the songs, and we had a red line in our heads when we wrote them!

ZEPHYR: Where have you performed? Upcoming shows?

JOEL: We have played a lot in Sweden of course, but we have also done a European Tour (2009) together with The Poodles. Right now we have some really cool festival shows in Sweden coming up. In October/November we will do another European Tour, once again with The Poodles. Time to kick some serious ass!

ZEPHYR: How can fans gain access to your music?

JOEL: Through our online channels like Myspace, Facebook and Youtube. We are currently looking for good distribution deals throughout the world, so all our fans can buy the CD.

ZEPHYR: Any last words?

JOEL: Big thanks to all the people that support us! Make sure you check out our website at WWW.DYNAZTY.COM

ZEPHYR: Thanks Joel!! Hugs and success for you and the band! ^^








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