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DERDIAN – Salvatore Giordano


Power Metal is my favorite style of music in metal matters. What makes it that way for me is the drums perse & it’s time key. That “horse riding” playing goes perfect with the epic heroic themes that mostly are told in lyrics, not even mention the tenor voice register that is required to level with the other instruments. Now as part of these lines I am please to introduce an Italian drummer and good friend from the band Derdian.

ZEPHYR: Hi Salva! How are you?

SALVA: Hi, I’m fine thanks.

ZEPHYR: Thank you for accepting this interview. It’s a pleasure to share with you some questions for my projects. Derdian is one of my favorite bands and this interview is very special to me because long time ago our friendship was born thanks to your music. 🙂

SALVA: It’s a honour to answer your questions and thank you for your big support.

ZEPHYR: What makes you decide to play drums when you were growing up?

SALVA: I think of 2 songs: “Fast as a Shark” (Accept ) and “Wheels of Fire” ( Manowar )

ZEPHYR: What kind of music did you grow up with? Did your musical socialization have any influence on your drumming?

SALVA: I entered the rock world when I was 10 listening Iron Maiden, Accept, Manowar, Rage, Helloween… I think the most influences was Ingo Schwicthenberg (R.I.P.)

ZEPHYR: Which drummers you looked up to when you started in metal, and who are some current drummers that you admire?

SALVA: I think the most influences was Ingo Schwicthenberg (R.I.P.), now I admire Mike Terrana, Mike Mangimi, Ricardo Confessori, and many more.

ZEPHYR: Tell us about your musical style and drumming techniques.

SALVA: My style is power metal, but I try to put some difference in every song by changing time, some others has not to much typical power metal drums, but more speed metal, thrash or rock or even in the same song u can find all.

ZEPHYR: European metal has a stronger tradition of melody. How important do you think this is, to make good rock and metal?

SALVA: I think all European traditions are very important for people and you can find this in the music and more that every part of Europe have different traditions so you can find the differences between a German and an Italian band or a Finnish one.

ZEPHYR: How did you first become a part of Derdian?

SALVA: For a bet …lol . At that time I was in a time break from drums. I was with a new girlfriend and a night her friend says to her: “maybe you don’ t know you are with a very good drummer”, lol …. And she said: “impossible he’ is always tired, he smoke too much, he drink too much; he can’ t play for a complete show or for 2 songs”. Ok, wanna bet? I turn on the computer and found a unknown power metal band looking for a drummer in Milan; now I think it would be better lose the bet……

ZEPHYR: Could you tell us where the name Derdian comes from?

SALVA: The name comes from an alcoholic night between Enrico and Marco (first drummer) I don’ t remember who but one say: “derdian!”.. and the other one: derdian, what are you meaning? …”Nothing” ..”ohhhh ok, cool”.

ZEPHYR: What are the most important elements of the Derdian’s sound?

SALVA: Surely the melody but all is important to have a final Derdian song, we try to mix thrash riffs with melodic, some other parts with piano and strings.

ZEPHYR: What kind of preparation you do before your live shows?

SALVA: Some exercise on a drum pad with some beer.

ZEPHYR: Tell us about your gear: drums, pedals, cymbals, etc.

SALVA: Now I have a Gretch cause I wish high sound from toms, but I think next year I will change and then again… and again… Pedals: Iron Cobra. Cymbals: Paiste and Zildjian.

ZEPHYR: New projects for you and Derdian?

SALVA: We‘re writing the new album. All the songs are ready and we’re working on arrangements, I think we’ll enter in studio in February.

ZEPHYR: This question is personal and I know that you will love it hahahaha. What is your favorite beer? 😀

SALVA: Hahahahha Italian beer Moretti.

ZEPHYR: If you could form a “SUPER BAND” with anyone (dead or alive), who would you pick and why? What would be the aim or band’s message?

SALVA: Hahahahh I can’t answer about this question cause the super band already are here Symphony X, but maybe changing their drummer with me won’t be more a super band ahahahhaha

ZEPHYR: Hahahaha ok ok How can fans gain access to your music? Do you have a website?







ZEPHYR: Anything else that you would like to share?

SALVA: Thank you so much for the interview and I hope you’ ll enjoy the new Derdian album maybe see you in Puerto Rico 😉 Stay metal !

ZEPHYR: Thanks for share with me your story life. Hope you the best of success with Derdian and let me know when the new album is out.



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