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When Zephyr’s Interviews started, in my country Puerto Rico many people asked me to make interviews to their favorite bands. One of the most wanted was Sex Tragedy. Their followers are a young audience that love their style and music work. I hope that they enjoy this interview!!!

ZEPHYR: Hi guys!!! I’m glad to have this opportunity, since it makes a whole new turn to my interviews. Your fans ask me to make it in order to know deeply about you individually and as a band. That’s why I felt it’s a good idea to add you as one of my interviews.

ZEPHYR: Who are the members of the band?

SEX TRAGEDY: Well that would make five of us there’s Bam (guitar), Carlos (singer), Oscar (bass), Gerardo (drums) and me, Joey (screamer).

ZEPHYR: Who owns the band concept?

SEX TRAGEDY: That would be Bam since he started the band.

ZEPHYR: How does Sex Tragedy come together?

SEX TRAGEDY: It all started with this small kid dream which never had family love and he decided to move on and do what he loved most which was music when he….. naaa I’m joking Bam just chose random people who knew about music and that’s how it all-stared.

ZEPHYR: Hahaha ok great!!! ^^

ZEPHYR: Sex Tragedy… what’s the story behind this name? 😀

SEX TRAGEDY: There’s no story just hang out with the band and you will understand. ;]

ZEPHYR: In which direction leads your music style?

SEX TRAGEDY: We all want to make this kind of music to be heard all around the world because you know that this music is not every ones type and specially our country (PR) so we are hoping to take this kind of music to a whole new level.

ZEPHYR: Who writes the songs?

SEX TRAGEDY: Well the music is made by Bam and the lyric by me, Joey.

ZEPHYR: Who has influenced you?

SEX TRAGEDY: We all have different influence:
Bam- Motley Crue, Poison, Metalica, Alice Nine. etc
Carlos- Cultura Profética, Skrillex, Emarosa
Joey- Dir en gray, Chester Bennington, Jared Leto.
Oscar- J-rock
Gerardo-Parkway Drive, The Word Alive.

ZEPHYR: Do you have a record label?

SEX TRAGEDY: Not yet we have our fingers crust let’s see what happens. ;]

ZEPHYR: My first reference about you was the video ”Everything Was You”, who make it, locations.. Everything about that day’s experience?

SEX TRAGEDY: Ok umm Yamil Mysonet made the video, we were looking through Bayamon to record this video and we found this abandoned place which we all liked, but the thing is we did not have permission so we had to make the video fast and that’s why the video is out of sync in some parts. The experience was great since it was the first time for us to do something like this everything was just perfect you know so now we are going to make our second video hopefully it will come out before the year ends.

ZEPHYR: Tell me about your upcoming EP “Hate Us”.

SEX TRAGEDY: First of all bye it joking hahaha, its been great, this is something that we love, we have dedicated lots of time and effort in this upcoming EP you know it’s what we do and will keep doing until we die, but all I will say is that is brutal and it will make you horny.

ZEPHYR: Hahahaha ok ok  Do you have any pending shows?

SEX TRAGEDY: Yes we have our shows but we are trying not to play that much live until the EP is out.

ZEPHYR: How can your fans access your music? Any website?

SEX TRAGEDY: Yes we do, we have:






ZEPHYR: Anything else that you would like to share?

SEX TRAGEDY: First of all we thank you for giving us this opportunity to let people know what we do. A very special thanks to all our fans, friends and family that have always been there for us, we love you all…Use a condom so you don’t have a tragedy.

ZEPHYR: Thank you guys!!! I’ll follow your last words hahahahah  Hugs and success!!^^


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