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From Italy we have the great music of Ancient Bards. This is the first time that I interview a band with a female vocals; Sara Squadrani.  Her beautiful voice along with the strong & melodic Ancient Bards sound, is the best combination for all those power metal followers.

ZEPHYR: Hi Sara!!! Greetings from Puerto Rico. 🙂  How was Ancient Bards formed?

SARA: The Ancient Bards project takes its origin in the january of 2006 from the mind of the keyboards player Daniele Mazza, whose intent was to create a metal band with epic and symphonic sounds. After the meeting with the bass player Martino Garattoni the project began to materialize. Initially the line up was not stable beacuse of several problems, but in the summer of 2007, after a period of inactivity, the band found it’s final line up with me (Sara) as singer, Claudio as solo guitarist, Fabio as rythm guitarist and Alessandro as drummer. Last year Alessandro had some personal problem so he decided to leave the band and now we have Federico with us.

ZEPHYR: What inspired you to make music together?

SARA: We all have a sincere love for music and for the stage. We also are really close friends so it’s really a pleasure to work together!

ZEPHYR: Who are the members of the band?

SARA: I am Sara, the singer; Daniele is the mind behind the whole project, he’s an excellent composer; Claudio is a great guitarist technically speaking, but he also is very sensitive! Martino is very professional and devoted to his instrument; Fabio is very accurate, he really puts himself into things while Faderico (drums) is the youngest member of the group, yet he sure knows how to rock!

ZEPHYR: How would you describe your musical style?

SARA: We make an Epic and Symphonic Power Metal, it’s very melodic and somehow visual: it’s like a movie soundtrack!

ZEPHYR: What influences your lyrical themes and content?

SARA: Daniele was inspired by North European tales and Japanese fantasy stories like Final Fantasy.

ZEPHYR: Do you have a record label?

SARA: Yes, we signed for Limb Music in 2009.

ZEPHYR: What have you released?

SARA: With LMP we released our first full-length The Alliance Of The Kings in 2010 that was ranked one of the best releases of the year our second album will be out and this fall!

ZEPHYR: Who has produced and mixed your last album; The Alliance of the Kings, and are you pleased with the end result?

SARA: TAOTK was mixed and produced by Simone Mularoni, an amazing guitarist from the band DGM, while it was mastered by Gabriele Ravaglia. We are extremely happy with the results, the sound is poweful and strong, we really like it!

ZEPHYR: Who has done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?

SARA: The artwork was made by our web designer Matteo Pasquali of the Flush Design agency from Carpi. An album is made of a lot of things, there’s the music but also the graphics, so everything should be at its best but I think that if the music is good the none probably can close an eye on the rest!

ZEPHYR: How you chose the last album name: The Alliance of the Kings – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Pt. 1?

SARA: The name of the Saga was always in Daniele’s mind like that, since he thought of it in the beginning. The first chapter of the saga is an introduction to the characters so we thought that The Alliance Of The Kings could be a perfects title!


ZEPHYR: Could you allow us a peek into your future plans as a band?

SARA: Our future plans are plain and simple: we want to play on as many stages as we can, so, after the release of our new album this fall, we hope to be able to go on a tour, maybe supporting some more famous bands.

ZEPHYR: How do you see the Italian Metal scene: public, venues, advantages and difficulties?

SARA: The Italian metal scene is a tough place, metal music isn’t as common here as in other european countries and it’s very hard for a young band to survive. Up to now we’ve been luky because we were able to play on several stages supporting bands like Turisas, Over The Rainbow, Almah, White Skull, Manegarm and having the chance to meet amazing people!

ZEPHYR: How can our readers find out more about Ancient Bards and gain access to your music? Do you have an official website?

SARA: Yes, of course! You can find our official website at www.ancientbards.com, but you can also find us on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter!

ZEPHYR: Anything else that you would like to share?

SARA: Not much, we wanna thank you guys, it’s been a honor and a pleasure for me talking with you! Our adventure is just at its beginning, we are planning to get far, but we can’t without your support, so thanks again to each one of you!

ZEPHYR: Thanks for the opportunity!! Hugs, kisses and sucess for all!! 🙂


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