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We begin this New Year with Finland’s Melodic Rock. Land of Tales sound is an equal union of keyboards and guitar, crafted with catchy melodies and big choruses! The result is a somewhat original and peculiar approach to songwriting and music that makes them stand apart from many other bands of the Melodic Rock genre.

ZEPHYR: Hi guys!!! Hails from Puerto Rico. It’s an honor to interview your band for my project: Zephyr’s Interviews. Give our readers a brief history of Land of Tales and what inspired you to make music together.

LAND OF TALES: All of us played in “Naiskala”. Kristian and Palle was there from the beginning (from the year 1993). Few years after that, we needed a new bass player. Kristian had known Sami a long time and asked if he has time to play with us. Sami O. joined the band in year 2000.  We had a record deal with a small Finnish label. We made few singles and one album.  After that we made an album by our own, but we didn’t get that released. It was very quiet few years, before we decided to use MySpace to promote “Naiskala”…  That’s what happened, but maybe this is better.

In year 2007 we started a project to make melodic hard rock sung in English, but soon it was obvious that this music can’t be a project. It deserves a band. It needs to be played live.  When we started, we found out that we think the same way about music. All of us have a recognizable style to play and it took some time to give some space to each other. But now, we’ve been playing together so long time that it just works. Music is our passion and it has always been.   

ZEPHYR: How did you choose your name?

LAND OF TALES: We wanted the name which describes our music. When name Land of Tales came out, we didn’t believe that there is not a band called Land of Tales already, but there was no. The name is perfect for us and it’s easy to remember.

ZEPHYR: Who are the members of Land of Tales?

LAND OF TALES: Kristian: vocals, guitar, Palle: keyboards, Sami: bass and Sami O: drums

ZEPHYR: How would you describe your musical style?

LAND OF TALES: Land of Tales is melodic hard rock. It’s an equal union of keyboards and guitar,
with catchy melodies and BIG choruses!

ZEPHYR: Who writes your songs and what are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

LAND OF TALES: Kristian started writing songs in November 2006, meanwhile Petri Lahtinen and Mika Mäkiranta wrote the lyrics for the tales.  Our tales are all about relationships, things that can happen to all of us. The angle is a little different and a little bit more adult than usually. They are not love songs, they tell usually a story how everything went wrong.

ZEPHYR: Who are your musical influences?

LAND OF TALES: We have listened American bands from 70’s and 80s most of our lives. When we were younger most of the cool bands came from the US and UK. Now it’s kind of ‘payback time’.  For example Warrant, Journey, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy, Kiss…

ZEPHYR: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?

LAND OF TALES: Songs are of course much better than in the beginning. There is much more air and dynamics. We don’t have to ‘show off’ that we can play, less is better. Everything is about the song.  

ZEPHYR: Do you have a record label?

LAND OF TALES: Our record label is Frontiers Record from Italy. Many bands we’ve been listening when we were younger (and still do) are on same label.

ZEPHYR: What have you released?

LAND OF TALES: So far we have released our debut album “Land of Tales” 2008.

ZEPHYR: Are you touring or playing any shows?

LAND OF TALES: At to moment we’re working with our second album in studio and it takes all the time. We’re really looking forward to play our music live.

ZEPHYR: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

LAND OF TALES: The biggest challenge was two years before we started as Land of Tales. After making an album as Naiskala and not even getting any answers from record companies, it was really hard to start making music again. We worked almost a year with the album and we were very satisfied with it.  We just love music too much to give up.

ZEPHYR: How can our readers find out more about Land of Tales and gain access to your music? Do you have an official website?

LAND OF TALES: Our official website is www.landoftales.net. You can also find us from Facebook. The music is pretty easy to find, for example from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify… 

ZEPHYR: Anything else that you would like to share?

LAND OF TALES: Be patient, our next album is going to be the best Land of Tales so far..  Have a Rockin’ year and take care!

Kris, Palle, Sami & Sami O.

ZEPHYR: Thanks guys!!!



One response

  1. Linda

    Just want to say I’m glad you used MySpace to promote “Naiskala” because that’s where I discovered you and infact you were my first MySpace friends. I have been a big fan since! Thank you for your friendship and your awesome music!
    Your fan forever~Linda

    January 17, 2012 at 7:21 pm

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