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Hails, for the 1st time our guest band are from the US, Tampa Florida.  Reading  the band’s official website bio I found some interesting details about their music style that I’ll love to share with you before going to the interview; hope you like it: 

“The uniqueness of Consinity’s sound comes from the band’s ability to seamlessly integrate the catchy hooks and sing-along vocals of mainstream radio-rock music with enough complexity and jaw-dropping technical virtuosity to impress even the most fervent underground prog-metal fans. Consinity’s musical repertoire, while never abandoning the band’s characteristic heavy metal attitude, includes everything from brutal thrash metal to introspective power ballads to upbeat blues-rock anthems, all with dark, thought-provoking philosophical lyrics. Top it off with an inimitable hard-rock attitude and ultra high-energy stage performance, Consinity is a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss!”

ZEPHYR: Hi guys!!! Welcome to Zephyr’s Interviews and thanks for the opportunity.  How did the band start?

CONSINITY: Consinity was created by professional bum/guitar player Wayne Hite in late 2005. He met a talented musician in college that was looking to form a band, and they started up a cover band with drummer/keyboard enthusiast Mark and another local musician. Shortly thereafter the band didn’t work out and separated. At that point, Wayne and Mark found three new musicians to complete the lineup: guitarist/astronaut Chris, singer/male porn star Beau, and bass player/neo-Freudian psychotherapist Jack. Once that process began, the band changed its focus to primarily writing original music. That is when Wayne came up with the name CONSINITY. Shortly thereafter, 2011 or so, the full current lineup was completed. Since then, we’ve been striving to realize our goal of being at least the 14th-greatest metal band the world has ever seen.

ZEPHYR: Who are the members of CONSINITY?

CONSINITY: Beau Brady – Lead Vocals, Chris Shupe – Guitar and Backing Vocals, Wayne Hite – Guitar and Vocals, Jack Rose – Bass and Backing Vocals, Mark Kievit – Drums

ZEPHYR: The name of the band “CONSINITY” sounds like it has a story behind it. Where did the name come from and what is the story?

CONSINITY: In the beginning, while starting the writing process Wayne and the original guitarist wanted to focus on harmonies, melodies and powerful music with a meaning behind every lyrical message and musical passage. With that in mind, Wayne discovered the word “concinnity” which means “a close harmony of tone as well as logic among the elements of a discourse” and decided it was the PERFECT word to represent what the band was trying to accomplish. Consequently, Wayne altered the spelling and created a logo to represent everything Consinity stands for today. In April of 2012, Jack suggested that Consinity change its name to “Black Sabbath”, but the rest of the band informed him that that name was already in use.

ZEPHYR: Describe your musical style.

CONSINITY: We are a melodic heavy metal band that incorporates many different styles. We have a very modern sound but take a lot of our songwriting inspiration from classic rock and metal. We like variety and have a wide range of influences, so our songs are very diverse. We love heavy guitars, fast drumming, pounding bass lines, dual guitar harmonies, soaring vocals, fast and melodic guitar solos, but you’ll also find everything from black metal screams to Alice in Chains-style vocal harmonies to soft acoustic ballads (mostly to make the girls cry) on the same album.

ZEPHYR: Every band has its musical influences. Who are some of the other bands and artists that have greatly influenced you guys and your music?

CONSINITY: Each member of the band has different influences, but some of the most prominent in our music are Metallica, Disturbed, Helloween, Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N Roses, Dream Theater, Asking Alexandria, Shinedown, Trivium and Slipknot. We like a variety of music and can draw an inspiration from anything, even if it’s completely outside our genre. Except 311. 311 sucks.

ZEPHYR: Where do the lyrics’ inspirations lie? Can you tell us a little about the writing and the composition?

CONSINITY: The lyrics are inspired and revolve around realistic events portrayed in our individual lives. We focus on sending a positive message through aggressive and highly intense lyrics while providing passages which are relatable for the mass audience. But mostly they’re just subversively making fun of people we don’t like. Every member of the band is involved in the writing process. We usually begin when one member writes a few guitar riffs or bass lines, and then we build on it from there, adding drums, piecing together the different sections, adding the main vocal lines and lyrics, adding guitar solos, and finally adding our final touches, such as harmonies, fills, and backing vocals. It takes us a long time to write a song, because we’re total perfectionists (we think that sounds nicer than “totally anal”). Sometimes we’ll argue for an hour over how to write one fill that lasts three seconds, but to us it’s worth it if we’re going to end up with a killer song that everyone loves.

ZEPHYR: Is there a particular song that has own the crowds?

CONSINITY: It seems like everyone has a different favorite. Some of our most popular are Burn Notice, Awaken the Fallen, and Next Level.

ZEPHYR: Do you have a record label?

CONSINITY: Not currently. We are just finishing up our first album, which we’ve produced ourselves. We will begin shopping for record labels thereafter.

ZEPHYR: What are CONSINITY’s plans now? An album in the offing perhaps?

CONSINITY: Yes! Our first full-length album is fully recorded, and we are currently in the mixing and mastering phase. If all goes well, it should be finished by the end of the year. Once the album is finished, we plan to start playing out of town and hopefully going on tour. Perhaps you can host us in Puerto Rico. We always clean up after ourselves after trashing our hotel rooms.

ZEPHYR: Are you touring or playing any shows lately?

CONSINITY: We’re mostly focusing on finishing the album at this point, but we have been playing some shows here in Florida. Our last show was in Melbourne, on the other side of the state, which was a great experience and we have two upcoming shows with several national artists.


ZEPHYR: What challenges as a band have you been through and how has it affected your music?

CONSINITY: We had a lot of trouble at first finding the right members. We have some funny stories about that (we’ll tell you later). There have been a lot of lineup changes in the band’s history. But now that our lineup is solid, our biggest challenge is just standing out from all the other bands and getting recognized. Even just in our city, competition is pretty fierce. We come from Tampa, FL, which is one of the biggest heavy metal cities in the world. Kamelot, Iced Earth, Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Morbid Angel, Obituary and Deicide all hail from Tampa, and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

ZEPHYR: How do you guys stand out as a band, among the thousands of bands out there?

CONSINITY: Ultimately that is for the listeners to decide. But we think we have a few advantages. Our live show is top-notch. We don’t just play music on stage; we put on a show. We have our own lights and smoke and platforms, and we have a ton of energy. We take inspiration for our live show from bands like Iron Maiden and Rammstein; they make their show an unforgettable experience for the fans, and we try to do the same (at least what we can do without burning anyone alive).

Another thing we have going for us is our technical ability. Every member of Consinity is extremely good at what we do. We’ve seen countless bands that have one really talented musician and the rest of the band that kind of just supports that guy. Sometimes you see a band live and just want to watch the drummer or the guitar player for the entire set. Consinity is not one of those bands. We have no weak link. Thanks to our long period of lineup changes which we mentioned before, we now have a band in which every member is a master of his instrument.

ZEPHYR: What is one thing you would like to change about the music industry and why?

CONSINITY: It would be nice both record labels and live music venues would have a longer-term focus and be willing to invest in good music. These days, record companies usually look for bands that have already done everything themselves. They like bands that have recorded their own album, have booked their own tours, create their own merchandise, etc. Unfortunately, all of this stuff costs money—more money than most up and coming musicians have to spend.

Music venues, for their part, seem to only care about the number of heads in the venue on any given night. This means that they would rather host a band with a lot of friends than a band that plays good music. In the long run, this means that the quality of music at live venues suffers, so the typical people who like to go out on the weekend prefer to go to a club with a dj or some crappy Flock of Seagulls tribute band rather than to a club with live original music. This makes it very difficult for bands to get any new exposure.

ZEPHYR: How can our readers find out more about CONSINITY and gain access to your music? Do you have an official website?

CONSINITY: Yes! Our official website is http://www.ConsinityOnline.com. You can also visit us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Consinity/165515672440, YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/consinity, and ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/consinity

ZEPHYR: Anything else that you would like to share?

CONSINITY: We’d like to say thank you to Zephyr for her unending dedication to great music and for hosting us in this interview. We’d like to thank all our awesome fans for your constant support and encouragement. And to all the readers around the world who have not yet had the chance to see Consinity in concert: thank you for checking us out and we hope to see you soon!

ZEPHYR: Thanks for share your time in this interview and let us enjoy your music.  Love, kisses and hugs!


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