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After taking a looong break, this time we came back with an european Rock Metal band from Italy. With plenty of experience in the scene, from any town’s bar to the largest music fest stages, this 5 members have develop enough to please the ears of any serious rock lover. With no more to say, lets read from them about Fake Idols.

Are all the members from the same country? Did anyone meet while been in previews bands or after?

Each one lives 50 km max far from each other.We’ve always been friends since we’ve played a lot of shows together with each one’s previous bands. In fact Claudio and Enrico used to play with Raintime as like Ivo and Ivan in Slowmotion Apocalypse. After some auditions we decided to bring Cristian (from Jar of Bones) with Fake Idols.

Whats the story with the other bands, there was a break up or they just reach to the point of “go, no more!”?

Raintime can boast 13 different line-ups over the years….in the last period the band has changed too many members…the last departure has been communicated with an sms…it’s been the peak of an unbearable situation. Constantly changing people inside a project can easily make you lose your identity.

Regarding Slowmotion, unfortunately a bad decease happened to the 2nd guitarist so he had to stop for cures…then the band decided to stand by.

Jar of Bones instead broke up just because their singer had to move, too far to continue to be a real band, I mean a band where the songs are the sum of the intentions of all components

From whom was the idea of making Fake Idols & why that name?

After the split of each band, Something decided that someone of Raintime and the other 2 bands needed to join forces in order to create something new over here. It’s not that we had some phone calls and we decided to create a new project….it’s been a natural process that involved each member in this situation. The band name is taken from a Raintime song, but we gave it a different meaning. It represent a mystification of the iconic power…nothing to do with politics but a general protest against today’s “real fake” idols.

Name all members, instrument and years playing it.

Claudio: singer since 2005 but I’ve never took a vocal lesson.
I’ve also studied piano since I was a child. Can also play guitar.

Cristian: guitar player since 2000, I’ve never been and I will never become a “real guitarist” , I just play what I feel…and I sweat a lot on stage.

Enrico: I think I started “playing” my mother’s pots shortly after I started walking When I was 8, my parents decided that it was time to find me a drum teacher…and I never stopped until I became a drum teacher myself. I’ve been also studying piano for almost ten years.

Ivo: bass player (??!!) since 1998…I never took a lesson. And you can hear it!

Ivan: guitar player since 1991, but I also play bass and drums. It’s so good for composition.

One of the most difficult situations in bands are the different musical influences and/or education, how is the best way to reach an understanding, a common goal?

Probably the different musical tastes and influences are the winning point of Fake Idols. If we all had the same inspiration, for instance Iron Maiden, then the album would sound like an Iron Maiden record. We think that being so divergent in each one’s background could make the sound fresh, so we push this advantage in the best and constructive way possible. Of course sometimes ideas are too far to be unified and then we all decide to avoid that solution…but that’s totally natural….we never fight to prevail.

Who writes &/or compose the songs?

Claudio is the main composer of Fake Idols, however Enrico, Ivan, Ivo and Cristian are great composers as well. Sometimes it happens that a cool riff came up from a random jamming….sometimes there’s a single idea recorded with pc that can be developed together trying different arrangements. The way we compose a song is very various.

Summary anything you dream to accomplish and already happend; as part of Fake Idols or individually as musician.

Claudio: I’ve played festivals in front of thousands people, made an European tour and released 3 albums with Raintime, so my personal dream has been accomplished.I just want the same for Fake Idols with the only difference that this could be my job.

Cristian: I feel lucky ‘cause I already lived a part of my dream with Jar of Bones, in the years of my life when dreaming and believing was the only way to not suffocate in my own shit. We played a lot but not in very big festivals or in front of thousands people so…this is what I wanna do with Fake Idols!

Enrico: Of course, the biggest dream would be to become a full-time performer! Anyway, with Raintime I fulfilled many of my personal ambitions: I just hope to share the same great experiences and emotions with this new band.

Ivo: My dream is to discover new countries and people playing on tour with my band…

Ivan: I’ve played with Slowmotion Apocalypse and Raintime around the Europe for almost 10 years, now I hope to expand my experience with Fake Idols.

How many albums the band have recorded and under what record label? As musicians, is the 1st time you been on studio or there are previous experiences?

This is the “self-titled” debut album for Fake Idols.We reached a worldwide deal with Lifeforce Records and a Japanese release through Bickee Music. That sounds promising! It’s not our first experience in studio….as we already said in this interview, there have been 3 studio albums for Raintime, 3 for Slowmotion Apocalypse and 2 for Jar of Bones. All previous bands have been signed by record labels.

Fake Idols


Are there any confirmed tour dates for this year so far? If so, as opening band or as the main band?

We’re now planning shows to promote the album. Some of them are already booked and some on the way to be. You can easily follow our tour schedule on our website, Facebook or twitter. We’re going to support Elvenking on May the 2nd here in Italy (Pordenone), then we’re going to have 2 shows as headliners on the same month. Going to be announced in some italian summer festivals and then some gigs abroad. We’re also planning an european tour in the next Fall.

One by one, with whom you would like to share or better of, be on stage & why?

Claudio: Metallica? Iron Maiden?…I mean all big bands I grown up with….that’s my dream.

Cristian: I remember what an old musician (who lived in my town) told me: “ No matter who you play with but how you play…and the feeling, don’t forget that the feeling you put in your instrument is the only chance to express yourself ”….after some years I discovered he played all around Europe many years ago, as a bass player with big names as Tina Turner , Joe Cocker and others….so what to say ?”

Enrico: I should write two pages to list them all…! I mean, sharing the stage with a great band is always amazing, no matter who they are.

Ivo: I would like to play with bands I can drink a beer with. Without speaking about music of course. Talking about stupid things. Of course. 🙂

Ivan: It would be a long list….It would be also nice to play together with Crucified Barbara, especially making a duet with Mia Coldheart in our song “My hero” like we did in the album.


Looking to the future, what’s your main goal?… the one you can say “I can die tomorrow and I have done all I want”.

Fake Idols to become an influence and a motivation for young rockers who want to play in a band. When you reach this, it means you have created your own style.

Any words you want to say to fans & everyone reading this interview…

Thanks guys for your attention…we really hope one day we’ll be playing in your city! Rock on little Idols!!!

How can our readers find out more about Fake Idols and gain access to your music? Do you have an official website?

All info at these addresses:

You can also pre-order the album here:

Album’s release dates:

March 26th, 2014 (Japan)

April 25th, 2014 (digital worldwide)

April 29th, 2014 (North America)

May 2nd, 2014 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

May 5th, 2014 (Rest of Europe)

ZEPHYR: Thanks for share your time in this interview and let us enjoy your music.  Also I want to thank Joel (my graphic artist) for his collaboration on this interview. 

Love, kisses and hugs!



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